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Our Story...

Our Products and Rituals are both Botanical and Metaphysical tools to Catalyse Transformation Within You. Since 2020, Flower Of Life Cacao has Crafted the Highest Quality Cacao Blends for Facilitators & Global Change Makers Alike. Ritual Magik Cacao is a Process of Raising Vibrations, an Art and a Science.

We source the Finest Natural Ingredients Available including Cacao that is Grown Ethically and Sustainably. From Small-Scale Cacao Plantations, our Cacao is Crafted with Powerful Intention and Innovation, Infused with a Potent Blend of Herbal Extracts and Elegant Spices.

Our Cacao Invokes the Energies of the Herbs and its the Synergy of this Botanical Blend that Amplifies the Experience. 

Ritualise your Life, Elevate your Energy, Enliven your Senses and Activate your Highest Joy NOW!

Together We are Dreaming a Rich Regenerative Society.

We Are Excited to Share this ALL with you! 

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